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For a colourful life...



Irene Heldens’ signature style is recognized in making the perfect combination between a edgy minimal cut in design with the African printed fabrics and honoring the rich cultural influences from various continents. The collections are filled with a strong use of color and prints. 7 years ago Irene was the first Dutch designer who worked with African fabrics. When she was a little girl she already had a great interest in everything that was different, and wanted to explore it all. As a result of her traveling through Africa she developed a great love for the colours and culture of this continent. Due to her playful talent to combine and absorb, she translates her designs in a unique way to high fashion. Over the past few years Irene Heldens developed a high end brand with an high quality in fabrics and tailoring. With her independent view on fashion Irene crosses borders and salutes a colorful life…

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