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Lichte sjaal Light Guayacan

Designed by LUCILA KENNY

Naturally dyed in Amsterdam
Material: 100% cotton scarf
Size: 75 x 200 cm
Wash cold by hand or in a delicate program.

This collection is called Native South America. It uses extracts from Guayacan, Palo Amarillo, Quebracho and Tara trees, originally from Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Argentina. Besides the incredible colors these plants produce, each one is also known in their native lands for their medicinal uses, that go from respiratory issues to fever remedy, digestive problems, and blood sugar control. They also have both energizing and soothing qualities. The colored textiles will act as mediators between us and the trees, allowing us to enjoy the calming vital properties of those plants while providing warmth and comfort.

Collectie: Lente zomer

Prijs: € 54,00

Verzendkosten: Gratis verzending
Levertijd: 3 tot 5 dagen

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