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Femininity with an edge


PRICCI By Priscilla Reynolds PRICCI is the innovative label of the Dutch fashion designer Priscilla Reynolds. PRICCI by Priscilla Reynolds is characterized by femininity with an edge. The innovative designs are a combination of subtle fabrics such as silks and fine jerseys with rugged materials such as cotton, denim, and leather. PRICCI collection consists of beautiful easy to wear and combine dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, trousers and jackets. The basic elements of the collections are made of suptile colors such as gray, deep blue, brown, white, beige and black, these are according to the season combined with other bolder colors and prints. The sleek and dressy designs of PRICCI have their own character, but at the same time they can be worn at all time.

The clothes look simple to the eye, but are often underlined with structure and detail emphasizing the individuality of the wearer. The designs can be easily combined and can be both casual and dressy. All items are of high quality and are manufactured in the Netherlands.


The label was launched mid 2005 and since then has been sold from several independent boutique's in the Netherlands and abroad.

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